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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

these days with Beau

We've been on a roll with our easy going life over here but I still want to check in from time to time and have something to look back on! Beau and I are settling into enjoying a simple life. Most days are spent at home, running one or two errands, or getting outside for some exercise. I'm finally motivated to get back into shape so I've been making an effort to do so. Beau is just being effortlessly cute, as usual. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past month:

Celebrating the upcoming arrival of our friend Katy's new baby with her sister Kelly

Mark was out of town and we spent a couple of days with my parents. We attended my nephew's school program since we were in the area!


Nosy boy!

Mark is in charge of bath times and he always shows me the post-bath look. On this particular day, he was rocking the middle part!

SUCH a happy boy!

I call this his stank face.

On this day, Beau made a new friend.

He was entertained for at least 20 minutes!

Here's one of our adventures!

Mark took this, it's our new patio!

Beau loves to swing!

I think I've got a little yogi on my hands!

2 months and 7 months. Excuse me while I go cry...

Beau LOVES eating whenever we eat. He pretty much eats whatever we eat (as long as it is soft enough for him) and I dice it up so I don't have to worry about choking. 

Zonked during church.

We got ourselves a beach tent for our upcoming trip and spent a good part of our Sunday out there.

Our photoshoot quickly took a turn for the worst...

It was a beautiful day!

Daddy's torture

This has been SUCH a fun age. He has always had a personality but it's just showing more and more now and he is so fun to be with. I love this little squish and I love our days together!
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