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Friday, April 8, 2016

beau andrew | seven months

How is this even possible? We're on the downhill side of one year? Seven months old?!

I'm currently sitting with said seven month old in my lap as I write this. He is clingy and touchy-feely and is muttering "gah, gah" over and over. He blessed me with a lovely blowout as we got out of the car at our destination this morning so he was treated to a back-of-the-car diaper change. (I think he was just protesting his cargo shorts - an outfit which I had dubbed 'Beau, class of 2005'). I then proceeded to browse another JBF sale where I found the fun blocks in this month's picture. Once we checked out, I couldn't find my keys in my purse. Oh dear. Not to worry, they were just sitting on top of my unlocked car in the parking lot - where they had been for over an hour. #mombrain

We were supposed to run more errands this morning but 1) I forgot my grocery list, and 2) we needed to come home and 'regroup' after the morning's events. After some playtime and a nap I think we'll be ready to head back out. 

Anyway, here's what's up this month. Beau is:

-still throwing us for a loop every night. Sometimes sleeps through, sometimes wants to be fed at 3am (so much so that I'm waking up around 3am every morning wide awake. awesome.)
-wearing size 4 diapers
-wearing anywhere between 12 month and 18 month clothing (the outfit in this month's pictures is an 18 month)
-nursing every 3 hours or so during the day and eating a pretty big meal around 7 each night. We'll transition to 2 meals a day this month. We are doing mostly purees because homeboy doesn't love chewing things and mama doesn't love the anxiety that comes with each possible choking bite.

-scooting in circles and doing planks but not quite crawling yet.
-rolling from back to front and front to back whenever he wants to, but hasn't figured out the barrel roll yet.
-talking more, mostly in 'gah' but sometimes says 'mah'. I'm working with him on saying 'mama' and 'hi' and hoping that comes soon!
-taking 2 or 3 naps a day, usually at least an hour long if it's a good day.
-playing independently until he sees me, and then he gets a little fussy. I love watching his intensity!

-sitting up unassisted 90% of the time, but sometimes takes a dive backwards so there is usually a pillow or something there to catch him.
-weighing in somewhere around 22 pounds. We went in to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for some eczema help (this boy will have allergy issues for life, this is for sure) and he weighed 21 lbs 12 oz. He is somewhere around 29 inches long.

-still OBSESSED with his father. His face lights up and he can't control his movements when Daddy walks through the door.
-getting more attached to me, especially when he is cranky. 
-changing physically so much. His hair is getting super long and I'm pretty sure his eyes changed overnight. I think they are hazel-ish like mine. They change from brown to green. Lucky boy!
-sleeping unswaddled in a sleep sack. I was really worried about transitioning from the swaddle but it really wasn't bad at all. He's been in the sleep sack for about a month now. 
-grabbing for EVERYTHING, especially necklaces, hair, and anyone's cup.

-loving playing with his feet, especially when he is getting his diaper changed. 
-not as easily entertained as he used to be. TV doesn't hold his attention very long (not that he's given the chance much) and he gets bored in the stroller. I need to get more creative!
-loving the song Pop Goes The Weasel and also likes me (and only me) to make monkey noises at him. It's almost a guaranteed smile when I do it. 
-enjoying his time outdoors when I drag the pack n' play out there. Still likes to watch Motley and he laughs as she runs by.

(please excuse the poor quality of this post - I've had a special editor the whole time I worked on it. So far I've caught two suicide backwards dives. So there's that.)

All in all, we are BUSY. Time is rushing by and this boy is getting bigger and bigger by the second. 

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