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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

a day in MY life

I mentioned a while back that I was considering doing a 'day in the life' sort of post but wasn't quite sure if I wanted to put in the effort. Well, I heard from a few of you (especially those of you named Amy) and y'all said you liked reading those posts. So here I am, sharing my very mundane life with you! Ha!
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I decided to do the photo every hour format because that was a lot easier for me to handle. I set my alarm on the hour between 9am and 7pm and tried to take a photo of what we were doing right then. Throughout the day I remembered to take a few in between, too. 

Keep in mind that every day is different. I did this on Monday and it was a very low-key day for us. There were no hurried grocery runs or appointments, no laundry to be done or dishwashers to unload, and no bills to sort through or projects to keep up with. Tuesday looked very different - I met my mom in Dallas for lunch, spent time with her until the afternoon, and then did various things at home after. All that to say - no day is the same! Here goes.


I'm VERY lucky in that I can usually get this boy to sleep until 8 or 8:30. He still wakes me up at least once to eat at night but he understands that his mama is not a morning person and he lets me sleep in a bit. ;) At 9, we were up with a changed diaper and on our pallet for supervised play while I took a bath to wake up a bit!

After my bath, I plopped him in the high chair with some raspberries (in his masher thing) and a little peanut butter toast while I ate my PB toast (with honey!). 


Beau was up closer to 8 this morning so he went down for a nap at 10. I try to stick pretty close to a 2 hour awake time between naps when we are home. So far it has worked pretty well!


I forgot to take a picture but I worked on my Etsy orders, tidied up a bit, and just had some relaxing time while B finished up his nap. 


B was up shortly after 11 and at 12 I set up him in the crib with some toys while I got down to business. I had noticed his nursery was looking a little dirty so I did some thorough cleaning while he watched (he was a little clingy on Monday so within eyesight it was)

See that closet? He has WAY too many clothes and I have to organize his too big/too small bins of clothes every couple of weeks.


Lunch for me, play time for B!


We continued the play time but since he was whiny, I joined him for some moral support (see the hand? He touches me about every 10 seconds to make sure I'm still there)


Beau threw a straight up FIT for his second nap around 1:30 so I nursed him in bed and he fell asleep (proven to work 95% of the time). He purposely hugged me to make sure I didn't desert him.

Up around 2:30 so we headed out for a couple errands! I had a coupon for a free Frosted Lemonade from Chick-fil-A and it was the perfect treat! Gulped that down in about 5 minutes.


Perfect timing, we are at our destination! We <3 Target! (p.s., how cute is the highchair/shopping cart cover my mom made for Beau!? I LOVE it. One side is sophisticated foxes and the other is navy polka dots. It has straps to tie on his toys and pockets for misc. things PLUS it folds up into a pocket for easy storage. My mom's totally a genius!)


Back from our errands and I'll spare you with the full view of what I was doing. It was snack time for Beau!

After snack, it was back to playing (my mom made that pallet too)...

...while I tackled the kitchen cleanup from the morning and afternoon!


Third nap of the day. After some more fit throwing from B, he finally fell asleep and I spent the downtime working on a blog post with my feet up.


Dad's not home yet and there was severe weather in the area. There was some SERIOUS hail near us but luckily we just got rain and some tiny pea sized hail. 

Beau went in his play pen so I could get dinner ready.

That face!



Dinner is served! Burgers and fries for Mark and I (celebrating his hard-earned raise!) and Beau followed shortly after with a raspberry, spinach, and greek yogurt pouch.

After dinner Mark and Beau did bathtime, I worked on Etsy, and then it was jammies and bedtime for the baby. At night I usually work on Etsy, straighten up a bit (run the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, etc.), and watch a little Netflix. Then it's lights out around 11!

So that's our super duper exciting day (I'm kidding no one here)! I'm sure I'll appreciate these posts when things get a bit busier and I can look back on my little pipsqueak. I hope it brought you some entertainment today!

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