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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lazy days

Hey y'all! 

Sorry for the absence. I've done a little thinking about blogging lately and I've unintentionally taken a step back. I never want to feel pressured to post just for the sake of getting something up here and lately I just haven't had the time, motivation, or content to post! I'll be popping in here from time to time but posts may become a little more sparse around here. We'll see. 

Life has been good to us. Beau and I are in a pretty steady groove and we are having fun! My Etsy business has unexpectedly gotten busier over the last month or so so I'm really feeling creative and find myself spending my free time in the office working on various things. 

While we are talking Etsy, I'd like to ask you to check out and if you're inclined, support my cousin's new Etsy shop. She and her husband have struggled with infertility and are now raising money for adoption. Their story hits close to home as my cousin herself was adopted by my aunt and uncle. To raise money, she is selling these handmade necklaces to show your school or town spirit. If you're not (semi) local and want to support them, I'm sure she would take custom requests. Just send her an email via Etsy or leave me a comment and I'll pass it on. If necklaces aren't your thing and you just want to support them in bringing home a new baby, you can donate on their fundraiser page here. I can't imagine the emotions they are faced with daily during their struggle to conceive and I know that every little bit helps.  I also fully understand the hard work, stress, and time commitment that comes with owning an Etsy shop and creating handmade goods. So please, if you can give any amount or if you are interested in a necklace, please support them!

Moving on, here is what we have been up to the last day or so!

Friday, B and I headed to the mall for a couple of errands and ate Chick-Fil-a in the food court. He sat in his stroller while I fed him pieces of my lunch and sat with his leg up like this the entire time. So silly!

Yesterday we enjoyed the beautiful weather and headed out to White Rock Lake for a stroll. Homeboy was rocking his new faux birkenstocks and looking extra squishy.

Crazy hair, don't care.

He got distracted by the dogs:

That's about it for us! Life is nice and easy these days. I love spending them with Beau! 
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