wonderfully made: our summer trip - CHARLESTON - suggestions needed!

Monday, April 11, 2016

our summer trip - CHARLESTON - suggestions needed!

We've booked our flights and our airbnb for Beau's first official summer trip - to Charleston, South Carolina!

I've always wanted to go to the Carolinas and we started exploring a trip there on a whim. Before we knew it, we were booked for 4 nights with two other couples in June. I can't wait!!!

We are staying in this super cute house in between Folly Beach and Charleston (and it has a pool!!!). We're planning on one day at the beach and the rest of the time spent exploring the city. I also really want to go to a plantation but there are so many that look so gorgeous and history filled. Which one should we go to??

I know there are a TON of bloggers in the Charleston area or those that have visited and I need your advice!! What should we do? Where should we eat? There will be two babies under age 1 with us so the more baby-friendly, the better. 

I've been doing my Pinterest research and there is SO MUCH to see! I'm excited to just soak up all of the history and beauty of the city and get away for a bit! Also, Beau will be 9 months when we are there and I've heard that babies love the beach...so I'm hoping that's true!

I'm really looking forward to this getaway. Please share any tips or suggestions!!!

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