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Monday, December 14, 2015

forgotten Thanksgiving and life lately

I'm taking TONS of pictures these days and I can't seem to keep up with them! Here are some that I forgot to include in my first holiday post...

My sister's son Noah has his birthday on November 27th. He was born on Thanksgiving that year and of course, his birthday always falls on or around the holiday. This year, we were making the hour drive to my sister's house on the 26th and the 28th for Thanksgiving celebrations, so we decided to give Noah his gifts early on Thanksgiving day. He couldn't argue with that! 

We got REALLY creative with our wrapping...

He realizes what it is:

Gatorade!!!! hahahah yes, Gatorade was what he wanted so Gatorade is what he got!

We also got him a net so he could practice hockey and soccer. I didn't get any pictures of it set up but Mark worked up a sweat playing with him!

My parents gave him this super-intense K'nex set so we spent most of the day helping him set that up. Beau enjoyed it too!

His other grandparents had taken him to Medieval Times the day before so he was showing us his gear.

My dad is the goofiest and the MOST fun. I caught him 'knighting' Noah in this shot.

Then chaos broke out.

So that was the rest of our Thanksgiving.

Home life has been great so far! I feel like Beau and I have really come into our own, established a schedule, and are beginning to have more fun. We do tummy time multiple times a day and I always try to bring out all of the different blankets that he has (there are at least 15!) He got this one from Mark's company after he was born. It's so soft!

I've been working on his baby book. I love looking back at mine and reading the various stories my parents have about me so I'm trying to keep up with it! I want to be able to look back and know when his first laugh was or when he rolled over first. 

Beau's first time wearing jeans!

All giggles in Nana's kitchen.

When Mark goes out of town for work, we typically stay at my parent's house for the night. This was no exception! Beau gets spoiled and is usually on his best behavior.

He is looking more and more like a big boy every day! I loved this outfit but Mark was not a fan and changed him out of it later in the day! He said he looked too big. I thought he looked comfy and cute! haha

A new WalMart opened down the street from us (I know...I don't usually shop there but sometimes I do!) so we are getting used to the Ergo. Hands-free is great for me and Beau loves it!

We picked up some new shades at WalMart! He loves them!

Chunky baby! Right now I am working with him on grasping toys. He's so close!

My friend and former roommate Kelly mailed Beau this super cute book for an early Christmas present! (at least, I assume I was allowed to open it early!) 

I snagged this very...interesting....face and it's a new favorite. I  crack up every time I see it!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...Fuzzy's date with my two boys!

Now you're all (mostly) caught up! Happy Monday!

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