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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

beau andrew | three months

And here we are. It's past midnight and my house is somewhat clean, I'm semi-caught up on Etsy orders, Beau has been asleep for 2 hours and I'm blogging. Somehow, this is about as accomplished as I've been in a long time!

Beau is 3 months old! Things are going well and I'd say we are out of what some call the 'fourth trimester' and into normal baby-dom. Here's what's new:

-he hasn't been weighed since 9 weeks old by the doctor but we are certain Beau is over 17lbs. There were some discrepancies in our last home weight so I'll just leave it at that!
-he's still in size 2 diapers and I think we have about 100 more in stock (at home) before we run out. Size 3's may be coming soon!
-he's wearing 3-6, 6 month, 9 month, and even some generic 6-12 month clothes. I took out all of the dividers in his closet because he can fit into most things, give or take. It really just depends on the brand!
-he is growing out of all of his footed sleepers feet first. I hate seeing his toes scrunched up!
-he laughed for the first time! Mark got him to belly laugh in the tub and we got it on video and it was wonderful! Check out my instagram for that one. He's also laughed for my dad (Pandy) and me (also in the tub after a poop-slosion)
-he has found his hands! They are almost always in his mouth (he favors his left) and I can hear him sucking and smacking on them from across the house. 
-he is just barely on the verge of grasping for things. He has done it a few times but it's so hard to tell if he just happened to move his hand that way or if it was intentional. This development will be a big change! 
-he is ALL smiles. His mood has seemed to level out over the past few weeks. He is pretty much always happy as long as he is fed and gets enough sleep!
-he is sleeping 7 hour stretches pretty consistently. His longest stretch has been 9 hours, and he always goes back to sleep from about 6-9 or whenever his morning feeding is. 

This picture below is a good image to show his hemihypertrophy. It's in his left leg. I think it's almost exaggerated when he's laying on his stomach, but it's the best way to capture the difference in a picture. These days, I mostly just notice how much fatter that left leg is from the right. Things are good in that area, by the way. Nothing has changed since my last update and right now it's just another cute quirk to Beau. We joke about his fat leg and fat foot a lot (his shoes always fall off of his right foot only).

Grabbing? Or just being a baby? I don't know!

Definitely being a baby here...

This picture is momentous. I took the next two pictures immediately after he...wait for it...ROLLED OVER FROM TUMMY TO BACK FOR THE SECOND TIME!!! Total mom-moment, but seriously, this is like the act that begins all baby movement and I was SOO excited for him!!! He did it twice in a row yesterday and it was just so cool to see his face after he did it. I tried to get him to do it the rest of the day but of course he wouldn't. But still. It was awesome! He's growing up!

Here's his post-roll interview:

After that momentous occasion, we thought we'd try out the Bumbo for the first time. He's definitely not ready for that yet. One thing at a time!

So that's our boy! I can see a huge change in him just over the past few weeks. He has morphed into a real person instead of just a baby in his own world. I can't wait to watch him grow!

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