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Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm back and excited for Five on Friday in 2015! I'm linking up with April here. Happy Friday!


This week was HARD, y’all. Real hard. It’s the first 5 day work week in a lonnnggg time and I just happened to catch some sort of semi-cold on Monday. I’ve been struggling to get through each day but you guys, it’s FRIDAY! I feel like lots of people have been sick lately…


At the risk of seeming too braggy, be sure to check out my post from Tuesday about how we paid of over $22k in debt last year. It was a big task and a burden shared by millions of Americans, but we hunkered down and got the job done and I love being debt-free! I love encouraging people and passing on tips so please read it if you’re feeling discouraged by debt and email me if you have any questions! I’d love to chat!


I’m all about Netflix recently and after finishing Gilmore Girls, I’ve hopped around a bit but finally started in on Friends. It’s not a super deep series and the episodes are really short, but I’ve never watched it from beginning to end and I’m enjoying the light-hearted show right now! Any Friends fanatics out there?


I’ve gotten into the (bad) habit of buying Motley a new collar every year around Christmas. I dropped the ball this year and didn’t order it in time but I did get this sweet collar from puddle jumper pups on Etsy! I love supporting my fellow Etsy sellers and the print is really cute. For now I’m just re-using the bow I found at Target last year but I’ll probably make her a new one or find another one pretty soon because it’s on it’s last leg.


I’m gritting my teeth and getting my hair cut this weekend….ugh. I have notoriously slow-growing hair and I’ve been growing it out for about 5 years. I’m pretty sure it’s at it’s longest right now but I have the WORST split ends and it just looks gross so I’m getting a little trim-trim. Hopefully the inch I’m getting cut off grows back soon! If I weren’t so afraid of the scissors, I’d totally do something like this:

...and the ultimate risk:

Too bad I'm boring and just getting a trim! Maybe next time...

Have a great weekend!

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