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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Home sweet home | year 4

Since we bought our house and I started this blog back in 2013, I've done a yearly update on the state of our house. I always like looking back and seeing the big as well as the little changes we've made and even though I'm a little late this year, I didn't want to skip out just because I'm "not blogging" anymore. ;)

Front Porch

I didn't post an update last year but I did a bit of an overhaul in January and it's come a long way! So much better, I think. I'm glad I finally found something that worked!



When we bought the house, Beau's room was a nursery. We made it a guest room/my office until it went back to a nursery, and a nursery it still remains!  I haven't made many changes on it but posted on how we are living with it back in March


Kitchen and eating area

The kitchen hasn't changed much in a year except that I have painted the area around the window back to our beloved Dolphin Fin. I was surprised with how many people said they liked the pop of color, but I'm liking the neutral look at the moment.


We switched around some rugs in the dining area but that's about it for this room.


Living Room

The living room has probably seen the most change. It's where we hang out pretty much all day and of course, a lot of things change with a baby! We installed a hinged gate (love this one and found ours on Craigslist) and keep a tension gate on the doorway to the hall while Beau is awake. I also talked Mark into this rug and we all LOVE IT. Even Motley. It's so comfy and surprisingly easy to vacuum and just makes the room so much cozier. We also put our vintage marble-topped table in storage and found a padded storage ottoman on a Facebook garage sale. The ottoman and the rug both give us peace of mind with a toddling baby around! We also changed out the standard blinds for these bamboo blinds and I'm sad we didn't do it sooner. We love them!


I'm also slowly adding to the gallery wall and think I'll have it wrap around and into the kitchen soon.


Master Bedroom

Late at night when Mark was out of town a few weekends ago, I changed out our curtains...which led to a bunch of other changes. We are enjoying our more neutral room at the moment and I like how the grey walls make the room dark and cozy. I raised one curtain rod since the curtains are SUPER long, but I haven't gotten around to moving the other one. Whoops. I picked up this lamp and this blanket (which I searched high and low for and is the prettiest, creamiest, comfiest, biggest, yummiest wonderful blanket EVER) to finish out the neutral look and we're enjoying it!

We also scored an original mid century modern dresser in great condition that has moved in here. I'm kind of a dresser hoarder (we have 5 in our 1200 sq ft of space) so we moved our Ikea Hemnes dresser into the office for all of my Etsy supplies. I'll show you that room one day after I get it cleaned up...it's always a mess!

"Master" bath

Not much has changed here except Mark did add an extra shelf for all of my stuff! 



We FINALLY found a remedy to the back porch area that I'm happy with and I've loved our little backyard even more since then. :) Of course, the updated picture was taken a few months ago before the tree bloomed and it looks WAY better all lush and stuff. Just use your imagination! 


This could be our last year in this house, maybe not. Either way, I love this little first home of ours!

Here are a few bonus/detail pictures for you. We're always making our house a home!

If you're not comfortable spending big bucks on my other favorite candle, this one is so good and way less than half the price!

(Finally an updated picture of our landscaping! I don't think I ever shared these. It feels so much nicer now!)

And that's our home sweet home. <3
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