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Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday: 2014, volume 8

I'm rounding out my week with five on Friday! Today I'm linked up with Darci.

 This week it's a random compilation of all the things I was doing when I wasn't blogging over the past month and a half. Happy Friday!


My sister granted all immediate family members the 'right' to watch her kids for a few weekends in the spring due to some travel plans, so Mark and I took one of the first shifts in late March and had Audrey and Noah come spend about 48 hours at our house. We started off big with the plane museum, Chick fil a, and the park. By the end of the weekend we were playing in the front yard in our jammies and keeping it casual. We had a fun time and the kids were on their best behavior, so it all went well. I'm not going to mention the fact that I haven't gone a day without severe back pain since then...


We rang in Luke, Mason, and Griffin's birthdays in mid April and had a funny moment when Mark attempted to take all of the giant balloons from the party back to Andrea's house. They lasted like this for about 2 minutes before he got above 15 mph. Then they simultaneously took flight! It was a funny moment!


I had the rare opportunity to meet my sister in the middle of a weekday when we had Good Friday off in April. She was running late so I ducked into Nordstrom Rack to see if I could find some birthday gifts. I struck out in the birthday department but got super lucky in the women's shoes! I waffled between these two pairs:

buy them here, but not for the steal of a deal that I got them for! :)

reviewed by another blogger here!

...and ended up coming home with both. :) At under $65 for both, I'd say it was worth it!


I mentioned this little guy on Instagram a few weeks ago. It hasn't changed much since we brought it in the house, but I have big plans for some shelving and a coffee bar here! I scoured craigslist for a good 6 months before I pulled the trigger on this $100 beauty. :)


Last and certainly the most frustrating, I dropped my phone a couple weeks ago. I had JUST harassed my sister's mother-in-law about her bulky Otterbox case and bragged about the fact that my little case from J. Crew offered all the protection I needed. Not so, my friends, not so. 

I dropped it on the tile in my office's lobby and it must have landed weird. It still totally works and luckily the damage is mostly on the black case part of it, but it was a sad day for us all. My contract expires soon and I haven't decided if I'll get it fixed yet. Oh well!

It feels good to be back and I'll start updating you all on house projects next week! Happy weekend!

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