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Monday, May 12, 2014

Bucket List: Dallas Farmer's Market


I'm just going to avert my eyes and pretend like nothing happened...

Regardless of the hows or whys, I took a little break from blogging. I'm back now, though! 

Instead of trying to catch up, I'll just start off with where we were this weekend.

I somehow convinced Mark to forgo his individual roo....I mean, to skip disc golf on Saturday and spend a 'spontaneous' day with me.

We checked a box off the bucket list and headed down to the Dallas Farmer's Market bright and early at 9am.

We parked next to Ruibal's, one of Dallas' largest nurseries. I was LOVING all of the pretty plants and vowed to come back once we put more work (and $$$) into the yard.

First stop was the pickle stand! Mark sampled EVERYTHING (the boy loves pickles), even the famous chicken broth pickles that appeared on Oprah in 2009! #yougetapickle #andyougetapickle

Mark was in heaven with all of the fresh fruit. Motley didn't get anything, but she put on her best puppy dog face in the hopes of snagging a sample!

I was amazed with all of the beautiful fruit and willingness of all the vendors to let us have as many samples as we wanted. 

We didn't get to go into shed 2 where all of the restaurants are, but we enjoyed about an hour of walking around and just taking in the fruit and the beautiful spring morning. 

We came home with:
pickled mango relish ($10)
a large tub of pineapple slices ($3)
a tub of organic strawberries ($1)
5 minneolas ($3)

Mark got the best end of the deal, since I'm weird and don't eat any of that stuff, but I told him that I got my shopping fix and he got his fruit and sample fix. Two birds, one stone!

We had a really good time and I can't wait to go back again! 

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