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Thursday, October 13, 2016

travel diaries | be-UTAH-ful day three

I realized I hadn't posted day three of our Utah trip yet! Here we go...

Day three was a Friday and we decided to head into Salt Lake City (about 30 minutes away) to check out the famous Temple Square as well as a fall festival later in the day.

On the drive there, I realized I hadn't packed a change of clothes for Beau if something happened. I figured, ah well...he rarely has accidents anymore so it will be fine. We found a parking spot near Temple Square and all had to go to the bathroom (and get a diaper change) so we headed into the Family History Library in search of a bathroom. Well, guess what. Beau had a major blowout and it was quite obvious in his white onesie! I had to strip him down to jeans and no shirt (luckily the jeans came out unscathed) and walk through the library with a shirtless baby. Luck would have it that I had spotted a Nordstrom just across the street when we were parking so we hightailed it there and picked up a shirt on sale for Beau. Bonus - it matched his outfit! Onward...

While we are not Mormon, we wanted to see Temple Square because we figured we wouldn't be in SLC anytime soon again and it's just something you have to see when you are there. They have a large complex of temples, tabernacles, office buildings, libraries, and museums, so we wandered around for a few hours. The weather was warm but comfortable, it was a beautiful day, and the grounds were perfectly maintained! It was surprisingly relaxing just taking it all in.

After we walked around there, we headed over to Cross E Ranch. I had picked up a groupon for their fall festival and it was so cute and fun! It was a warm day in the valley and it was pretty empty so we almost had the place to ourselves. They had animals you could pet, hay mazes, pumpkins, a corn pit, and a hayride. We enjoyed the fun with the beautiful backdrop!

After all the fun, we headed back to (chilly, usually 20 degrees colder than Salt Lake City) Park City for dinner at Bandit's Bar and Grill. We were wary of non-Texas BBQ but it was really good! Then we took a swim at the hotel and went down for the night. Most of the flights out of SLC on Saturday were early so we were up and out of our hotel before 9am to head home to Dallas. It was such a fun trip!

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