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Thursday, June 16, 2016

travel diaries | Charleston day three and four

On Sunday, our group headed out to brunch at Screen Door and then went east to Boone Hall Plantation. We had to decide between quite a few different plantations in the area and I picked this one solely for the avenue of oak trees. They were magical.

We spent a long time at the plantation; close to 4 hours. I really enjoyed it. Then we came home, showered, and headed to dinner at Charleston Crab House for some authentic Carolina seafood. 

p.s. SO SO SO glad we made the last minute decision to bring our jogging stroller and also SO glad we made the decision to buy one in the first place. Yes, we have 3 strollers but they all serve different purposes. It was so easy navigating the cobblestone streets and rocky driveways everywhere we went. I got ours from amazon but I'm not sure if they still sell it. 

On our last day, Michael and Amy headed home while the rest of us set out determined to see more of Charleston before our flight that afternoon. We parked near Waterfront park and walked up to Battery Park and back down past Rainbow Row. There was a sprinkle when we got out of the car and from there the rain just got harder as we went. We were all well equipped except for Mark, who left his umbrella in the car thinking that his rain jacket would do the trick. He was wrong. And unhappy. The rest of us enjoyed our rainy walk through the historic streets and then ended with lunch at Fleet Landing, a super cute place on the water. After that it was off to the airport and back home!

We really, really, really enjoyed our time in Charleston and although it didn't seem like a likely destination, it worked out perfectly for our group. It was one of my favorite vacations and I would go back (or even move there!) in a heartbeat. We had a great time and I highly suggest it to anyone just looking for a cultural, fulfilling getaway. I think it has something for everyone. Thanks for reading!
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