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Friday, June 10, 2016

travel diaries | Charleston day one

We got back last Monday from a GREAT 4 night trip to Charleston, South Carolina. What started as a pipe dream for me turned into a super fun trip with two other couples and our babies. Our friends Jevon, Kim, Michael, Amy, Emma, and Mark, myself, and Beau rented a house about 5 miles from Charleston and 5 miles from Folly Beach. It had a pool and hot tub and was in a cute little neighborhood. The weather held out on us (until we got soaked the last day) and I think we all had a great time.

I take a TON of pictures and I'm super into pretty things like address numbers and cobblestone streets. I'm very much into the 'atmosphere' of things so I have lots of photos of blue sky and buildings but not one picture of our whole group. Whoops. Anyway, since I'm not 'regularly blogging' anymore, I'm not going to go super in depth with my post but just wanted to dump my (way too many) pictures here for the future. I hope you can just enjoy the pictures like we enjoyed Charleston. 

As a bonus, I took a few videos (because I JUST figured out how to do video on my camera) and put together this sloppy, horrible iMovie of our trip. I have a friend that takes his GoPro camera on vacation and makes WONDERFUL videos but I fall so, so, SOOOO short. Anyway, it was a fun learning experience and I'm totally going to take more videos from now on. 

So here we go, here is day one of Charleston. This was last Friday and we spent the day exploring downtown Charleston. We ate lunch at Jestine's Kitchen, dinner at Hominy Grill, visited King Street and two paintings of George Washington and General Beauregard (obviously), and took a quick swim in the pool.

And that was day one. :)

I'll post the rest of our trip next week, hopefully. Happy weekend!
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