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Monday, December 9, 2013

icemaggedon 2013

Happy Monday everyone!

If you live in north Texas or anywhere north or east of it, you might have experienced some winter weather this weekend. We had a huge cold front come in on Thursday night and from then on it was often referred to 'icemaggedon' or 'icepocalypse'. 

Texans tend to exaggerate the weather a bit, but this time the forecast was spot on. A LOT of freezing rain, sleet and minimal snow came down all through Friday morning and the temps hovered in the 20's. Parts of the area got 3+ inches of pure ice coating everything outdoors. 

Luckily our area was slightly spared and we only got about 1.5 inches, but it was enough to basically shut down the city and make driving a mess. Mark managed to catch a flight home from Las Vegas (he was there for Autodesk University) late Thursday right as the freeze started and we were holed up in our house after that. 

I worked from home on Friday and really enjoyed the zero-commute, work in leggings and a sweatshirt feel of it all. I was able to get way more done at work and around the house, too. Mark kept up the work on the kitchen and we're thiisss close to being able to reveal it!

Early in the day on Friday, I looked out the window and saw our beautiful tree's limbs resting oh so gently on our main power lines from the alley to the house. I immediately had visions of lost power and asked Mark wide-eyed to see if he could do anything about it. He put on his layers and went out to trim small limbs off the tree so the branch would raise up and not rest on our power lines. He was out there for a couple hours, at least! Yay for Mark and his chivalrous acts! ;) Luckily we had power throughout the whole storm, unlike many of our Dallas neighbors. 

Here are some images of our 3 day weekend at home:

8am : snow day!

(notice the limbs resting on the power lines!)

icy streets!

First winter weather in the new house!

Winter weather is my only excuse for wearing these knock-off Uggs. Otherwise, I just can't bring myself to do it! (Don't worry, Mark wouldn't allow me to, even if I wanted!)

On Saturday afternoon, we ventured out for some essentials and tested the roads a bit...

...Essentials were trim, paint, and other household items for the kitchen, of course! :)

Church services were cancelled on Sunday so we went back to Home Depot to get our Christmas tree!

It was Mark's first 'real' tree and we had fun picking out the best one.

Back home and ready to decorate for Christmas! But first, some homemade soup...


I really enjoyed the forced relaxation and got a lot of things done at home! I foresee a cold winter ahead for north Texas.

I hope all of my local friends stayed safe and warm!

Stay tuned this week for a Christmas decor post and the post we've all been waiting for....the kitchen reveal!

Have a great week!


  1. Yay for a winter wonderland in Dallas! The roads must not have been too horrible since y'all braved it twice. That's good since it seemed like a lot of people were getting cabin fever! Sounds like it was the perfect weather for putting up the Christmas tree :)

  2. I've basically been saying the same thing on all these "icemaggedon" posts this morning...I'm so jealous!! Which is weird because freezing cold temperatures sound terrible, but I'm so jealous you all are getting snow days and don't have to go to work, or school, etc.! We never get snow days in AZ and dangit I want one! hahaha

  3. That soup looks delicious!!
    I can't believe you left the house with those icy roads...you guys were brave!

  4. I keep waiting for the snow to fall here in London but it's been quite amicable lately.. cold but not too horrible.

    That soup!! If snow means I can have that soup, then I'd welcome it with open arms!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  5. That soup looks delicious! Would you mind sharing the recipe?


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