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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas at our house 2013

It's finally Christmas at our house!

Here was the snippet I posted the other night:

And here is our beautiful REAL tree in all it's glory:

I really like the placement and the tree itself this year!

I finally joined the cool kids with 'christmas mesh' or whatever it's called and I like it! I am a major failure at making it look good, but I like it!

Mark put the star on the tree after chopping off the abnormally long tallest branch. 

Of course I'm already done with my shopping so the presents are tucked nicely in, hiding the fact that I don't have a tree skirt. Shh!!

Some of my favorite ornaments:

Our first ornaments as a married couple...his and hers!

Mark's soccer ball and baby me in the background (with major glare. Sorry!)

I have a BUNCH of dollar store ornaments so I just fill mason jars and random vases with them. It's easy and festive! This is the half wall behind the tree.

We also have our countdown sign and look, more ornaments! 

I found this sign and switched it out for the "B" on my wreath to make the complete transformation to a Christmas wreath.

I'm still missing a lot of decor that will go in the kitchen (can't wait to reveal that this week!!!) and also a bag of decor was left at my parent's house so that has yet to be set up. Cross your fingers we get our Christmas lights up this year! I can't believe we're so late to the game! I guess it's all worth it for a new kitchen, though. :)

Merry Christmas!


  1. lovely, lovely, lovely! so much merriness!!! !xx

  2. This is so pretty!! I love the wedding dress ornament!

  3. Looks great! Love that you jumped on the deco-mesh train and I love your his and hers wedding ornaments... BUT does the wedding dress have "oddly placed" sequins?!?!?! Am I the only weirdo who noticed that??? hahaha I spend my days with 13/14 year olds so maybe that's just my maturity level. :)
    Can't wait for the kitchen reveal!!!

  4. Thanks Elise! :)

  5. Thanks Carissa! I have yet to find our ornaments for this year but I'll share when I do!

  6. I need your deco mesh arrangement skills!!! It's a mess. And I don't think those are sequins, I think it's the other side of the hanger? I can't really remember but it never struck me as oddly placed! haha!

  7. Okay, these pictures just confirm that I am totally slacking on the Christmas decor this year. What is UP with me???
    Your tree and decorations are so pretty!

  8. Love your Christmas tree! I haven't gotten into the Christmas mesh on my tree yet, but everyone's looks so good that I think I'm going to have to do it next year! Hard to believe only 15 days until Christmas!!

  9. Looks so pretty! Per usual, you're decorating skills are excellent :) We've done real trees the past couple of years and, although this year's doesn't seem to be faring too well, I really love it and feel like it's just so much more festive. Also, we tried out ribbon this year (as opposed to mesh) and we're liking it. I still love the classic red and gold beads though!

  10. Looks great as always! So, if you're done gift shopping that means you have time to whip up a tree skirt, right?! ;) just use a throw blanket or a flannel sheet for temporary use. :)

  11. Wow this looks fantastic! So Christmassy.

    Is that a Canadian flag I spy to? :)


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