wonderfully made: bluebonnets & Easter 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

bluebonnets & Easter 2017

I've gotten behind with posting about life around here so I'm going to try to catch up with a few posts with multiple subjects in them! 

We took some photos in the bluebonnets (Texas' state flower) back in March. Beau did great last year, but the whole walking/picking thing didn't help much this year! I took the opportunity to dress him in a 'baby' outfit for the occasion. I found this bubble on a facebook group and the previous owner's baby's initials were just off by one letter so I was able to change it easily to fit Beau's initials. It was a little big and he looked a little goofy, but sometimes baby outfits are just called for. :)

post-bluebonnet sustenance, and probably my favorite picture!

From here on out, it was Easter. We did an egg hunt on the day before Easter with our small group from church and I found out AFTER that my lens had been accidentally switched from 'auto' to 'manual' focus on my camera. The photos looked good when I took them but when I viewed them later, they were all out of focus! I was/am so sad about having bad photos for his FIRST egg hunt, but oh well. I still have blurry memories. Also: baby outfits apply for Easter as well. He actually wore this outfit last year for bluebonnet pictures! 

love Richardson's wildflowers!

The next day we spent Easter with my family in Arlington. Beau loved hunting with his cousins! And yes, more baby outfits! It was back to big boy clothes after this. 

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