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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

bumpdate take two : 26 weeks

Like last time, I feel like I started ballooning right about 22 weeks. I'm feeling HUGE and people are making comments about it so I know it's not just in my head. Also, major mom guilt over here for not documenting this pregnancy as well as I did with Beau's. :( We've been just a little busy! Sorry, little brother!

How far along:
26 weeks! Wow that went fast!

Size of baby: I'm really bad at keeping up with this this time around...kale? According to the bump. He's probably about 2 lbs and 14" long.
Gender:  boy! And so far we haven't shared initials or names with anyone! Hoping to hold out until D-day!
Maternity Clothes: Pretty much yes. I can get away with some things that are non-maternity but maternity is the most comfortable at the moment. I'm wearing my clothes from last pregnancy but supplementing with some dresses I've found on amazon. Surprisingly good quality!
Loving: The weather has been really nice lately so that's been nice! Also enjoying my healthy hair. It's getting so long!
Loathing: Bending over is kind of a pain these days. 
Movement: Yep! This boy seems to act differently than his brother did, already. I say that he's going to hate car rides (Beau loved them) because he's always moving when we're in the car (Beau always seemed to fall asleep in utero while in the car). He also moves a lot during the night when he should be sleeping (and I'm trying to!) 
Symptoms: Feeling a lot of pain early on this time. Lots of pelvic pain and surprisingly, tail bone pain. Having some indigestion but it's not too bad yet. Also started having Braxton Hicks contractions, which I didn't have consistently until about 36 weeks with Beau. 
Best part of the week: We sold our house! LOTS of things have been going on since I blogged last, including a major decluttering and putting our house on the market. We put it on the market on Friday and jetted off to my parents for the weekend so we only had to clean up once! There were a ton of showings, two open houses, and we ended up with 14 offers by Sunday, all over asking price. The market in north Texas is INSANE and we were expecting multiple offers but we were blown away and also so happy that selling our house was that easy. We're really happy about the couple we chose and we are praying everything goes smoothly with closing AND that we find a place to live before we have to be out!
Worst park of the week: We had a hail storm the night after we put our house on the market (of course) and it brought down TONS of pollen onto our driveway, which then got tracked into our house. Also, I'm allergic to pretty much all trees/plants/flowers, etc. So that hasn't been so fun. My allergies had died down but they are back to their miserable state now!
Missing most: Hmmm I think I'm missing that 'not pregnant' body state at the moment. I got to that point a lot quicker this time!
Can't wait for: Our babymoon!!! We are jetting off to Colorado in a few weeks and I'm so excited! We've been so busy that I haven't even had time to get antsy so the fact that it's coming up so quickly is a relief and so exciting!
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