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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bumpdate take two : 19 weeks

I'm wanting to find a special shot for these bumpdates like I had with Beau but I have no ideas! We're also hoping to move during my pregnancy so it will be changing. So much for consistency! #secondchildproblems

How far along: 19 weeks! Feeling guilty that this is my first bumpdate with this pregnancy. 
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Size of baby: The size of a mango (6 inches long), according to "the bump". We'll find  out for sure next Monday at our anatomy scan!
Gender: Boy! We had the blood test at 11 weeks so we'll just double check at the anatomy scan next week, but we're gearing up for our second boy at the moment!
Husband: Good! Helping out with Beau lots and getting excited to "watch lots of sports" with so many boys in the house. 
Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. This bump has been really weird and since I'm not dressing for work (SAHM life) my clothes seem to be more flexible. AKA I live in yoga pants. Maternity clothes definitely accentuate the bump. I go from looking about 16 weeks pregnant to looking 26 weeks pregnant depending on what I'm wearing and what time of day it is. 
Loving: Food that I don't have to cook, sitting down and relaxing, skittles and starburst candy.
Loathing: Uncomfortable sleep, mild indigestion, and the lack of energy.
Movement: Lots! I mentioned this earlier but I felt this one SUPER SUPER early at almost 11 weeks. Mark felt him move somewhere around 16 weeks and I'm starting to feel bigger movements now. I think I felt him in two spots the other day, which means he's getting big! Mark asked if he was tall. haha!
Symptoms: I'm feeling pretty much normal other than a few things here and there. I've had quite a few dizzy spells which I've been warned about in my app because my blood flow and all that is changing. Shortness of breath and sudden tiredness happens too. I feel like I can say that this pregnancy has been a little easier than with Beau, but I think part of it is that I'm not focused on it as much since I'm chasing around a toddler every day. 
Best part of the week: I've ramped up my shopping since it's consignment season and I always love getting great deals on toys and clothes as well as making a little money on things I've already decided to sell.
Worst park of the week: My allergies have been SO bad this week and Beau seems to have some allergies too. We've had such a warm winter that everything started blooming early and that means allergies came early too! Ugh. So miserable!
Missing most: I don't think I'm missing much at this point. Everything's good!
Can't wait for: Our anatomy scan next Monday. It is the longest ultrasound we get and I just love seeing the little baby! I hope everything is healthy and he's confirmed to be a boy! Then let the monogramming begin. :)

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