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Monday, February 6, 2017

christmas 2016: part two

So this is WAY delayed...sorry! 

I promised to do a part two post but it turns out I'm really bad at taking pictures now. I don't even remember all of the fun things we did around Christmas time but here are some photos from Santa's visit and Christmas morning!

I put Mark in charge of taking a video of Beau walking in and I incorrectly told him that he could snap pictures while videoing...wrong. I was so disappointed we lost that moment forever, but...sigh....oh well. Beau went straight to his stocking like he was an old pro and he loved taking each thing out of it. We did get this little snippet:

Beau got spoiled by Santa and mom and dad, not to mention both of our families. Christmas as a one year old is great!

We switch up every year and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with each side of the family. This year we did Christmas day with my family and Beau loved experiencing the magic with his cousins!

He finally started to understand gifts after his third occasion and had quite the haul!

Audrey was just as interested in his toys as he was!

(side note: I have clearly lost any skill I previously had for taking photos. The majority of these are horrible quality. forgive me!)

Beau and Audrey battle over his new slide:

And then in January, Beau got his first snowfall! It's been pretty much 60 degrees and above this year so far but we have had a couple of really cold snaps and at the beginning of January we got a little snow to stick! Beau and I went out after his nap and he immediately fell face first. I thought that that would be it and we would head inside but nope, he was a trooper and enjoyed walking around in the white stuff. It wasn't enough to play in but it was nice to enjoy!

And yes...those are socks on his hands. He has matching mittens to his hat (which is too small) but one had gone  MIA at the moment so I improvised. They worked perfectly! #texanwinter

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