wonderfully made: you are my sunshine | beau's first birthday party

Monday, September 12, 2016

you are my sunshine | beau's first birthday party

We held Beau's birthday party at my parents' house on Labor Day this year. It was a family affair and we were trying to avoid as many Saturday football conflicts as possible and it seemed to work out! The weather was perfect for swimmers and loungers alike. 

I decided on a 'you are my sunshine' theme because that is the song that Beau has heard probably every day of his life. I distinctly remember rocking him around the kitchen while singing that song when he was 2 weeks old. I also remember a few days of fussiness around the 4-6 week mark and after trying everything, I would start loudly singing and he would be asleep in seconds. We now use the song as the signal to go to sleep at night and during naps, so it was an easy choice for our theme!

I haven't hosted a big outdoor party before so it took some adjusting and it definitely wasn't a 'pinterest party', but it was fun and that's all that matters! 

My sister took photos during the party and I'm so glad to have them!

He was not a fan of his hat...

...but he soon forgot once the cake came out!

I mean...do you think they're related? #twins

I had some good helpers!

Weston is my cousin's son and he is just about 3 weeks younger than Beau! 

It was a fun night and a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped, including my parents for letting us use their house. I'm thinking a McDonald's birthday party from here on out...I'm still recovering!

I have some photos from Beau's actual birthday that I'll post here soon. Happy Birthday to my boy!
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